About Planet Arium

Welcome to Planet Arium

We specialize in balancing the levels of your music using a stereo sound field. We add elements of reverb, delay, compression and apply different effects to create evocative quality sounds that mirrors the symphony of music that sings to your vision. We interpret what you visualized when you wrote your song and then build it into your own personal Magnus Opus.

Why pick us?

What makes Planet Arium different is that we specialize in maintaining the emotional quality of your sound with experienced song writers who appreciate the empathy of melodious interpretation.

Planet Arium’s LOVE of music is the existential foundation of our business.
Our mission is to be an industry leader in the art of sonic manipulation. Bringing your musical spirit to life is not just our goal, but our passion.

We strive to masterfully render the interpretation of your artistic expression through pioneering blends of balance, stereo sound, reverb and delay; applying the most up-to-date blending techniques and equipment.

Music is the heartbeat of our company and creating superfluous harmony that brings the dream of your musical gift to life is more than our mission, it’s the universal soul of our company.

For the benefit of those seeking our musical wisdom, we feel we should explain more about ourselves and how we came to make contact with your planet. During our early communication with those you refer to as astronomers, those among you who study other galaxies, we gathered information about the history of your planet in terms of your previously limited knowledge of other life-forms from elsewhere in space, such as we Aquarians.

The Truth

Your history is filled with tales about “little green men” and visitors from outer-space in flying saucers.

We’d like to assure you that there is no conspiracy. Being an aquatic species, we do not possess flying saucers. We live in a stable, temperature controlled, water-based environment; breathing with the use of gills, in a similar way to the creatures you call fish. Telepathy and harmonious art such as music is our primary form of communication.

Rest assured we have no desire to enslave or harm the inhabitants of Earth. Since our first contact with your species in the time you refer to as September 2009, we have been working alongside your scientists and astronomers to develop a mutual understanding and trust based on friendship.

Aquarians thrive on creativity, and aiding mankind to produce the best quality music sends waves of positive emotion to our planet and in turn nurtures us, helping us grow.