FAQ Planet Arium

As Aquarians, we understand that sometimes our technology and musically enriching knowhow might bring up a few questions for the inhabitants of Earth. On this page, you will find some further information which will hopefully serve to better equip you with the knowledge you seek before you make your final decision of which service you require.
So this is often overlooked when recording your own session. It’s important to label each track so that when you send them, we will know which track is your second vocal, and which is your lead, etc. etc.
This is an unnecessary step that will not help your track. Please refrain from anything to do with normalizing.
These effects are added to the tracks during the mixing process as needed, and do not need to be on them before you send in your raw audio files. Remove any elements of these from your audio so you export just the raw recorded or sampled sound.
You can send your files in 16/24bit .WAV or .AIFF format. The only thing that matters is that the sample rate (44.1k, 48k, or 96k) is the same across all your tracks.
If you need instructions on how to properly consolidate all your tracks in your DAW, then click on the appropriate system below for a helpful video. If you don’t see yours listed or just need help, send us a message and we can get you setup.
This is probably where you will spend the most time in preparing your music for mixing. For Planet Arium to fully understand what you would like out of your music, we will need a couple things in addition to your music:
  1. A reference track such as a song that you feel is closest to the direction you would like to go.
  2. Some information about the tempo, time signature, key signature, etc. If you record it live, then it will be edited live and not set to a tempo map.
  3. Any relevant details relating to volume or stereo preferences, such as “move the guitar solo from left to right during 2:10-2:33” so that we will have a good idea on what you envision with your music.
  4. Additional requests for effects or edits. (Delay, stutter effect, etc.)
Download Mixing Checklist
How to copyright your music at copyright.gov
I hope this factual based compilation of data has helped to give you peace and clarity of mind. My name is Lexicon and I have included as much information as I could to cover all Earthy queries I could anticipate. If you require any further assistance, please direct yourself to the Contact page, where one of our dedicated Aquarian-Aiders will respond to you in just a fraction of a light-second of time