Services Planet Arium

From the depths of the sea-space comes a new voice in musical mastery, powering sound and enhancing the listening experience to make your music the beat audiences can’t ignore.  Mix your talent for the craft with the skills of the creatures of Planet Arium, and elevate your recordings to a professional level.

Full Mixing Service

You put in the time to write great music, now get the professional treatment with a full host of services for your songs. This option includes editing, stereo spatial positioning, level balancing, equalizing, reverb, pitch correction, small timing fixes, and any needed effects. This service does it all. Discounts for multiple songs purchased in a single order.

Pitch Correction

There are few things that will put audiences off faster that poor pitch.  Without correction, your song may have harsh edges that will kill any listening enjoyment resulting in a painful experience.  This service is a must.

Master A Song

Songs are meant to be enjoyed as a collection, seamlessly transferring listeners from one audio experience to the next in an audio journey.  Mastering your music ensures that your audience enjoys the entire ride by making your collection of songs seem unified and consistent.  This option will include:  Selective multiband compression, EQ, Stereo Enhancement, Limiting, Aural Exciter, and other Psycho-acoustic effects as needed to bring your tracks to life.

Audio Cleanup

Removing the impurities in your sound, the audio cleanup service ensures that your listening audience only hears what you want them to: The unsoiled sound of your creative talents.  Avoid letting background noise detract for your music by ensuring that your recording is professionally cleaned.  This service is also great for videos, voice-overs, interviews, or live recordings.